Best Dash Cam For Uber and Lyft Drivers in 2021: Rideshare Cameras Review

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Our Top-Best Dash Cam for Uber and Lyft (Recommended by Experts)

Vantrue N2 Pro

Vantrue N2 Pro Dual Cam
  • 1080p Dual Video
  • Motion and impact detection mode
  • 256GB micro SD card capacity
  • In-built battery
  • 170° front & 140° rear Wide-Angle Lens

BlackVue 4K DR900-2CH-IR

BlackVue 4K DR900S-2CH-IR
  • High-Quality 4K Video
  • Cloud Capabilities
  • Voice Notifications
  • Great shutter speed
  • 162° front and 139° rear camera

BlackVue DR750S-2CH-IR

BlackVue DR750S-2CH-IR
  • 1080p Dual Video
  • Cloud Capabilities
  • Voice Notifications
  • Great shutter speed
  • 139° front and 145° rear camera

Comparison Table — For Our Top 3 Car Camera for Uber Drivers

You are looking for a Dual Dash Cam that matches your style and criteria. Each Dash Cam’s design targets a particular customer. Whether you are a DIY, vehicle owner, or knowledgeable about Dash Cams, we’ve got a launch product for you.

Best Selling

Premium Choice

Great Value

Product ImageVantrue N2 ProBlackvue DR900S- 2CHBlackvue DR750S- 2CH
Product NameVantrue N2 ProBlackvue DR900S- 2CHBlackvue DR750S- 2CH
Resolution1080p Dual camera4k front camera and 1080p back camera1080p Dual camera
Parking ModeYesYesYes
Recording Angle170 front and 140 rear162 front and 139 rear139 front and 145 rear
Cloud CompatibleNoYesYes
Night RecordingYes; 4 Infared sensorYes; 2 Infrared sensorYes; 2 Infrered sensor
Battery BackupBuilt-inBuilt-inBuilt-in
More InformationBuy It NowBuy It NowBuy It Now

There are many dual cameras for your car, and a lot have interior facing and the exterior facing cams, but to get the best dash cam for Uber will involve some research. There are also a lot of websites that post about this, but we have taken it a duty to ensure that you get the best cameras for your Uber and Lyft.

It is not just about any cameras; some aren’t designed to capture the inside of your car and the passengers. The camera you need will need not only to be flexible but also able to capture your passengers. This is a necessary feature as a rideshare driver.

You can also use a dual dash cam, which is made up of two separate cameras, which are then placed in the front of the windshield. The difficulty with this kind of camera is that you will connect the two wires to a power source. Also, the two cameras will cost differently.

Below is a list of our recommended best dash cam for Uber; they will give you the best feel and improve your rideshare driver experience.

View the best front and rear dash cams on the Market Below.



Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual Dash Cam

This cam has a rugged and practical design; it also comes with some types of useful and safety features. It comes in a box that includes a suction cup mount. A mini USB is attached, a car charger and some documents provide all the information you need about the device. It is a single camera unit.

After purchase, you will need to insert your own micro SD card. This card has to be formatted to function correctly with your camera. The camera will support cards as high as 64GB; this is sufficient for the two camera units.

The interior camera uses a Sony IMX323 sensor. This camera can record a 1080p video at a rate of 30fps. The lens ensures a full 140-degree coverage, and on top of that, it is also rotatable. This ensures that the whole of the car interior is covered. The 4IR LED lights to cover the low light conditions; this is done with the help of the f/2.0 aperture.

The camera has an upgraded version. The OV4689 can record a video with a high resolution. This is up to 2560*1440 with a speed of 30fps. This will provide high picture quality. However, if you take the resolution down to 1080p, you will be able to record with the two cameras simultaneously.

The camera comes with 24-hour coverage; it has a parking motion detection mode and an emergency lock; this provides a secure safety for your car. The upgraded version comes with heat and cold resistance, which helps to save power using the auto LCD off timer. It comes with a built-in mic, too, that helps to record everything said in the car.

All of these features are packed inside a device that comes with a very affordable price. This also makes the N2 a viable option for every driver since it is our pick for the best rideshare dash cam.

  • Four infrared lights IR on the cabin
  • Its parking mode has a motion and impact detection mode
  • 256GB micro SD card capacity
  • A self-built battery powers it
  • NOVATEK NT96660 processor
  • 170-degree lens for the front camera while the 140-degree interior
  • Sony IMX323 image sensor

Why We Like It

  • It comes with a full 170-degree front lens.
  • The dual camera has a quality of 1080p HD video.
  • It comes with a Sony Exmor IMX323 sensor.
  • Infrared night vision works like magic.
  • Perfect parking features.


  • It doesn’t come with WiFi.

Blackvue 4k Dr900-2ch-Ir

Launch Scan Tool CRP129 Car Diagnostic Tool

This Cam pass across as our top pick for dashcams for rideshare drivers. This BlackVue 4k DR900-2CH-IR is the upgraded version of the DR750S-2CH-IR. The BlackVue 4k DR900-2CH-IR has the same size and sleek design as the previous version. It comes with the same feature as the earlier version. But there are few cases where they differ. While the earlier version does its recording in 1080p, this upgraded version has an impressive 4k front camera. It, however, still uses the 1080p for the camera facing inside of the car.

The 900S and the 750S both use a camera that its interior has the Sony STARVIS imaging sensors. These features are the new milestone when it comes to modern-day videography, especially with reduced light quality.

The 900S front image sensor has this new video quality to ensure that every detail is captured in the case of any awkward situation during a ride. This camera will give you all the little information you need either while transporting your passengers or whether you were merely away from your car. The 900S also has some cloud-capable features.

Features of the BlackVue 4k DR900-2CH-IR
  1. It is cloud-capable, which means that live videos from this dash cam can be recorded and pushed to the cloud to preserve in cases of an emergency. It also lets other persons know where you and your car are located all the time. These features will need your mobile WiFi hotspot to be turned on.
  2. It has an Ultra HD 4k front camera, and the inside camera comes as an HD 1080p Sony STARVIS; these features are for full image quality even in conditions where the lights are not bright.
  3. It comes with format-free file management. This reduces the need for frequent formatting of memory cards.
  4. GPS positioning and speeding logging feature; these are built-in to help you monitor your speed or prove how fast you were driving at intervals during your trip.
  5. This dash cam comes with a power cord with a standard style. The cam can also be installed in a Power Magic EZ and a B-124X battery to help make a video while it is parked.
  6. It comes with an excellent price, which is placed at $509.

Why We Like It

  • It comes as a close substitute to the Vantrue N2 Pro with a front 4k camera. This provide options for rideshare drivers that do not have enough budget for the Vantrue N2. It comes with a WiFi and this is a feature the Vantrue does not have.


  • Its streaming function only comes when your mobile hotspot is within range.

Blackvue Dr750s-2ch-Ir

BlackVue DR750S-2CH-IR

Although this does not have the best of features, it is our next best option in place of the 900S. It still has a dual-lens that is high quality, and it is from a leading dash cam manufacturer, Pittasoft. The 750S is a locally cloud-accessible cam with a dual-lens (two-channel) that can record the 1080p full HD resolution for both inside and the front lenses.

This dashcam is more accessible because of the price. It has a high-quality recording for the front camera but does not record at 4k just like the 900S. Every other feature remains the same except for the front lens quality.

The Infra-red inside camera has a clear recording even in times of complete darkness. This IR ensures the interior of your car is covered and reduces the cases of theft and other car incident relating to your safety. The infra-red LEDs are quite inconspicuous, and they are activated based on the ambient light inside the vehicle. You are sure to have peace of mind while using this camera even in cases of dark pitch conditions; it is the sure bet for rideshare drivers.

Specifications of the BlackVue DR750S-2CH-IR
  1. It has a double frame rate of 60FPS; this feature is from the front camera, and it helps to ensure it captures every detail.
  2. It comes with a full HD 1080p Sony STARVIS sensors for the front and the inside cameras. This is for better image quality, even in times of poor lighting.
  3. It comes with a file overwrite protection; it creates this new option to protect data from overwritten, up to 50 records.
  4. The 750S has the GPS and speed logging in feature to help you prove your riding speed and locate you at any given time.
  5. It doesn’t have a lithium battery, which can lead to overheating. They come with capacitors that can tolerate high temperatures.
  6. Pricing for the 750S begins at $409. It has a power cord and a battery pack to help video for parking mode.

Why We Like It

  • This camera comes with a file protection feature and this prevents more recent recordings to be deleted. Its prices are also friendly to rideshare drivers with a budget.


  • None of its cameras are 4k, although manageable with a 1080p clarity but it lacks the flexibility that comes with having a 4k lens.

Rexing V3 Dual Dash Cam

Rexing V3 Dual Dash Cam 2

The Rexing is a dash cam that comes with a full HD dual channel. It records with a speed of 30 fps with a 170-degree ultra-angle for both cameras. This will help to capture a bird’s eye view of the interior of the car. It has a night vision infra-red light.

The driver assistance system will give you an advanced recognition algorithm that will provide you with a real-time lane departure notification. Its loop recording and gravity sensor records on the memory card overwrites the oldest recording in the system. Other features of this dash cam are its supercapacitor and the built-in GPS and WiFi.


TOGUARD Uber Dual Dash Cam

TOGUARD Uber Dual Dash Cam

This camera has a 340-degree wide range and 360-degree rotatable camera lenses. It is convenient to adjust the camera lenses to any angle you want to take it to. The camera will capture the whole road and the plate number of the other vehicle in front of you, giving you perfect evidence in cases of an accident.

The parking monitor helps to provide 24-hour complete protection for your car. With a seamless loop recording that will overwrite the oldest file available, you are sure to have all your recent data recorded and secured.


Blueskysea B2W Dual Dash Cam

Blueskysea B2W Dual Dash Cam 2

Some striking feature of the Blueskysea dash cam is the super night vision, which uses 4 IR LEDs; this allows a proper coverage of the interior of the car at night and providing standard quality during the day. It supports a 400GB maximum of disk size, and this will give you 30hrs record time. When this time is complete, it begins to overwrite the oldest record. It also comes with a parking mode function when you turn off the engine.


Pruveeo C2 Dual Lens Dash Cam

Pruveeo C2 Dual Lens Dash Cam

The dual camera of the Pruveeo C2 comes with a double quality of 1080p both for the front and the interior of the dash cam. Other features include the seamless loop recording and the g-sensor incidence detector, which will automatically trigger.


Garmin Dash Cam Tandem

Garmin Dash Cam Tandem

This cam will help you keep an eye on your front and interior of the car; it comes with double lenses. While the front helps to capture your distance ahead and the vehicle in front of you, the interior will help you see passengers even with the most inadequate lighting.

It also comes with a power cord, so you don’t have to choose between charging your phone and powering your dash cam. These dash cams also respond to voice prompts, and it comes with a micro SD card. It is inconspicuous, and you may not even notice its presence, giving your car a proper 180-degree view.

Dash cam app for Uber drivers

There are lots of dash cam apps available, and a few stand out among the whole mass. They are suitable for different smartphones available. There are disadvantages of using your phone as a dashcam, as it may just not be ideal for the purpose.

  • Drivermatics
  • AutoBoy
  • CaroO Pro

The best dash cam has been tested according to the video qualities and the user interface. The app’s performance and features were also crucial in deciding on the best dash cam app for your car. The pricing was also analyzed.

Drivermatics stands top for all the dash cam apps available due to its sleek user interface and beautiful features. The next dash cam app is AutoBoy and CaroO Free.

These also had useful operating characteristics, but they couldn’t match the usability of Drivermatics.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Rideshare Drivers Camera

A dash cam is an essential tool for rideshare vars. It will help as proof and protect against any lawsuit that may not be convenient. It is also very much comfortable as a means of protection since ridesharing is a dangerous hustle.

However, when getting your dashcam, you need to check for some features to know the best to purchase.

1. Recording options

The dash cam you use has to have a two-lens dash cam. This will help you record all that is going on in front of your vehicle and also monitor what is going on inside the car. Recording the interior of your vehicle will help you prevent any bad behavior from your passengers. If you record what goes on inside your car, you can surely protect your vehicle and yourself when any matter reaches court. Another essential feature you should check out should be an in-built microphone or just an additional microphone to record all that is going on in the car.

2. Night Vision

Being a rideshare driver guarantees you one thing – you will surely drive at night. Hence you must have a dash cam that will help you record all that happens inside the car even at night. Most of your altercations with your passengers are prone to happen when passengers are drunk and are returning from parties. While some cameras come with perfect Infra-red sensors, others don’t; hence you check this factor before buying a dash cam.

3. Video storage

You have to choose which works best for you when it comes to storage. Some dash cam comes with cloud options, extra micro SD option, and some come with in-built memory space. But all that matters is that your dash cam records and stores the video in a retrievable manner.

Some dash cam may even overwrite new records with the oldest file or store video recordings in the cloud. For you to get all your records safe, the cloud will be a better option for you. But this depends on how much you want to spend on your dashcam.

Dash cam that has the cloud storage options is more expensive than the rest of the dash cams that barely have a micro SD card.

4. Price

You can get a dash cam for a reasonably good price. From 150 to 300, you can get a quality two-way recording dash cam. Another dash cam that has cloud-based storage will cost between $300 and $400.

Common Questions About Rideshare Dash Cams

Can Uber drivers use a dash cam?

Uber drivers can install car cams on their dashboard to record the riders and for other purposes in their cars according to the governing state laws operating where they ride.

Can Lyft drivers use a dash cam?

Due to the safety of their drivers and the regulation on the Lyft website, recording devices may not be allowed on their dashboards; however, this is subject to the local rules where the driver operates.

Why Uber, Lyft and Taxi Drivers Should Have a Dash Cam?

Lots of incidences will require you to record your riders; some passengers will carry out illegal activities, cases of arguments, and accidents; dash cam will help exonerate the car drivers.

Where to get Dash Cam Warning Stickers?

You can get a dash cam warning sticker on Amazon and other onsite retail outlets around your locale.


A dash cam is an excellent tool for rideshare drivers. While some come with some ads-on features, others come with more sophisticated features that can help you meet some personal needs.

In all, there is a need to have a camera that will cover your rideshare activities and help protect your car’s safety when you are not around. However, you should check the law around where you live for the recording law, so you don’t breach any of these laws.

You can also put the ‘you are on camera’ sticker. When you have evidence of the happenings in your car, you have peace of mind.

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