23 Best Honda Clarity Accessories Review Updated 2021: Buyer’s Guild

by Jun 20, 2020

If you wish to buy a Clarity Electric, you might see the need to add some exciting accessories to ensure that you get the best of your car. To help you go through that, we have listed out some Honda clarity accessories you would love to add to your Honda Clarity. Keep reading to know more about the Clarity Electric and various accessories you can use to get the best out of your car.

Top Honda Clarity Accessories & Gadget for Your Electric Car


ChargePoint Home WiFi Enabled Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger


If you buy a new Honda Clarity, you will want to buy a home electric car charging unit so that you can recharge your car when you get home. Safety is very imperative, and this charger has passed all the safety rules and recommendations. Thus, you can charge your Clarity securely without worrying about it.

One of the exciting things about this charger is the fact that it is WiFi-enabled. This implies that you take control of the charger via an app on your phone or tablet. You can turn on and turn off the charger with the app and as well schedule charges, so they are getting done when your electric expenses are low. You also have the chance to track the status of car charging and even the use of your energy. With this, you can get reminders when the time for charging draws near.

There is a need for this charging station to be hardwired. If you’re comfortable doing it yourself, it’s okay, but we surely recommend that you hire a professional to assist in installing it for you. The charging cable has a length of about 25 feet, making it flexible enough to mount it anywhere you wish to, including outdoors. With the length of the cable, you have the convenience of installing the charging station where you want without worrying about parking it right where you are charging.

It will become serious trouble if you purchase an electric car and not having a charging station. Note that the charges can take an extended period, so there is a need for you to be strategic when you drive and charge. This charging helps you in getting rid of much of this stress.


Honda Clarity 5-Layer Car Cover

Honda Clarity 5-Layer Car Cover

As there is a need to keep the interior of your car clean, so also the exterior needs to be in perfect shape. Your Honda Clarity needs to be in good shape. This car cover can serve a lot of purposes. It stops rain and moisture from getting into your car, and as well as reduce the damage that can be caused by dirt in the air and wind. Also, a car cover can stop the damage from happening to the exterior of your Clarity like tree branches and sap falling on the car or even bird droppings.

This car cover is made particularly for Honda Clarity; thus, it fits the car well. A good fit is essential because it implies that there will be little or no free areas for the rain, moisture, or dust to get through. Although this car cover is waterproof, it is as well breathable, which implies that you can keep leaving your car under the cover for an extended period without worrying about the condensation build-up. You don’t have to worry about UV pollutants and dirt because this car cover is resistant to scratch.

It is effortless to put the car cover on and take it off. It comes in handy with a lock as well as a storage bag, making it very practical for where so ever you go. If you are purchasing a new Honda Clarity, you will need to keep the exterior in perfect shape for your eyes and your wallet as well. This car cover is the best way to achieve that.


Electric Car Blanket- Heated 12 Volt Fleece Travel Throw for Car

Electric Car Blanket- Heated 12 Volt Fleece Travel Throw for Car

This electric car blanket is the best accessory for cold weather as it can heat up faster and remain warm until you decide to unplug it. You need this accessory for your Honda Clarity because it is equipped with a long cord of 96-inch, making even backseat passengers stay cozy during a trip on cold weather. You can easily fold this blanket, causing it to be stored in the trunk of your car or the backseat without occupying much space.


Car Dash Cam

Car Dash Cam

A car dashcam is popularly known to be one of the great car accessories. It is a small digital camera you can mount to the dashboard of your Honda Clarity. As a driver, you can use it to shoot your journey when you start the car and when it is moving.

A dashcam cannot protect you physically but is an important device that makes sure you are safe and secured on the road. Also, you can use the footage it shoots to determine who is at fault in the situation of an accident.


Car Hand Vacuum

Car Vacuum Cleaner

A car hand vacuum is best for keeping the interior of your car tidy, clean, and good to go. With its ability to withstand several heavy usages, cyclonical action makes the filter clean, at the same time providing perfect suction. The 14V lithium battery it has enables and powers the cleaning process.

We all want a device that can reach all the nooks and crannies of the interior of our cars with ease, the narrow nozzle of this hand vacuum can provide you with that. The hand vacuum is ready to clean your Clarity’s interior anytime and anywhere.


Honda Clarity floor mats

Honda Clarity Floor Mat

Floor mats are one of the cool accessories you can get in your car. They help in keeping the interior of your vehicle clean from dirt. It also prevents damage that may occur due to dirt, mud, or liquid. Not only does it keep your interior clean and fresh, but it also makes sure that your resale value remains high as possible.

These rubber floor mats fit very well into the Clarity line, having a mat for each seat in the front and a big one at the rear. They are temperature resistant; thus, they don’t get bothered by spilled coffee and tea, snow, or green-housing. The floor mats are eco-friendly, which is in accordance with the remaining part of the car.

A big plus is that it is odorless compared to other rubber floor mats. Also, the mats are highly durable. They may tend to last for as long as your Honda Clarity lasts, giving you no need to have to replace them. Because of its non-slip design, the mats are kept firmly in a place, coupled with the fact that they can be easily removed and installed, thereby preserving the interior of your Clarity.


Honda Clarity Bike Rack

Kuat Sherpa 2.0 Bike Rack

One of the best way to transport your bike to your favorite bike trail is by using a mounted bike rack, It saves you lots of energy to enjoy your ride. If you need an accessory that is very easy to assemble, flexible, and foldable for your Honda Clarity, then this Honda Clarity bike rack is what you need.

Even after exposure under the sun, this accessory can still function effectively; hence you don’t need to worry about sunlight exposure on your bike rack. With its flexibility, you can install it within 5 minutes.


Car Key Finder

Car Key Finder

You will agree that car keys are the everyday items that can be easily misplaced. Thus, this car key finder should be an accessory you should purchase for your Honda Clarity. It is a car accessory that can help in tracking your car key within the space of seconds. If you are a person seeking a cost-effective tracker for lots of items, then you should get this gadget.


Bluetooth Scan Tool & Code Reader

Bluetooth obd2 scanner

Bluetooth scan tool is a must have for every car owner, it saves your time and money when your car is having problems. It’s a great source of information, and it can come in handy if your car gets broken in the middle of nowhere or if you don’t have funds for a mechanic. It’s a small investment compared to the costs of mechanics. It enables you to understand the code of the manufacturer and suggest additional information about the problem.


Electric Car Floor Jack 3 Ton

Electric Car Floor Jack

If you require an accessory that provides safety and stability for your Honda Clarity, then this electric car floor jack is what you need. Because of the material, it is made of, and it cannot be easily twisted or torn apart, thereby giving you a long-lasting gadget you can use without being disturbed to get a replacement.

Do you like all your stuff in one place and not scattered all around?If you are, you don’t need to go far, this electric jack contains a sturdy and firm suitcase you can keep stuff safe and secured. When you have this electric jack in your car, it can be easily be operated by either men or women in the case of an emergency. In the case of night operation, the inbuilt flash LED lights help in providing the needed level of illumination.


Car Air Purifier

Car Air Purifier Ionizer

Only plugging a car air purifier in your Honda Clarity cigarette lighter, you are assured of enjoying an improved quality of air on each journey you take. It is not anywhere like the typical air freshener, you know; it covers up the bad odor and eliminates them.

What this car air purifier does is that it releases negatively charged ions that stick to small particles in the air like microbes and dust and afterwards collect them on a positively charged plate which is found inside the purifier, and thereby removing them. It does remove not only the dirt but also the odor they cause, particularly dog smell.


Magnetic Phone Car Mount Holder

Magnetic Phone Car Mount

It is not news that almost every driver would want to be doing something with their phones while they drive. It is quite understandable because smartphones are a vital part of our day; it can be navigating while you drive or playing music. The phone car mount holder enables you to do that with ease, holding or keeping your phone fixed in a specific position without worrying about fluctuation while driving. With it, you can easily insert or remove your phone within seconds.


Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Wireles Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Because of unsafe cars that run on the road, there has been a lot of car accidents happening each year. For you to increase road safety via optimizing tire pressure, the Tire Pressure Monitoring System is designed to provide you with real-time tire-pressure details.

It can be either through a gauge or a pictogram display, hence preventing poor fuel economy, increased tire wear caused by under-inflated tires, traffic accidents via early recognition of a dangerous state of the tires. It is designed with waterproof and anti-theft in case of rain and theft cases.


Car Safety Hammer Escape Tool

Car Safety Hammer Emergency Escape Tool

Another essential accessory you need for your Honda Clarity is the car safety hammer escape tool. The end of the hammer is mainly designed to be able to penetrate car windows in a case where it is an emergency. It has a double-sided hammer head that has a pointed and stainless-steel piercer that can pierce through the glass and a blunt end that will clear more significant shards. The base of this tool is a seat-belt cutter in situations when passengers are stuck in the car seat at the time of an emergency.


Car GPS Tracker

Car GPS Tracker

Among the list of a great car, accessories are GPS trackers. It is one you have to look at or get for your Honda Clarity. This GPS tracker makes a connection with your phone and enables you to know the right location of your car at any point in time. A GPS tracker is more beneficial for a parent with kids who are trying to keep watch of their kids. Also, in some instances where someone is trying to steal the car, you can use this GPS tracker to secure your vehicle.


Mini Fridge Electric Cooler

Eletric Mini Fridge Cooler and Warmer

If you are undergoing a long trip without a mini-fridge where you can keep your snacks and drinks at a conducive temperature, that trip would be less exciting and fabulous. Mainly a family picnic is in real need of a mini-fridge electric cooler. If you are not going on a trip, you can place the mini-fridge anywhere that is convenient for you, either in the bedroom or office desk.


Vehicle Tool Kit

Vehicle tools set kit

For your newly purchased Honda Clarity, one of the essential accessories you can buy is a tool kit. Every car needs a tool kit for a particular form of maintenance or in cases of emergency. With a screwdriver, a wrench as well as other tools in your vehicle, you are prepared for any emergency. Tools like jumper cables and car lift are necessary to have in your car. In a case where your neighbor’s car isn’t starting, as a good neighbor, you can quickly get jumper cables from your tool kit to help such a person.


Massage Cushion

Car Massage Chair

A massage cushion is an accessory for your Honda Clarity if you a person that likes to enjoy luxury pampering in the car. All you need do is to attach it on the seat and allow the rest of the work to the cushion’s heated and nodes that are rotating to relieve your tired muscles.

The wide range of massage options will enable you to adjust the intensity as well as the position to suit your preferences. It will amaze you that the node positioning has been made to fit the human anatomy’s curvature and hence giving you a soothing experience.


Booster Seat

Car Booster Seat

When you talk about a car seat for kids, the number one priority is the safety of the children, and that seat has to beat the standards of the highest regulatory. Fortunately, a booster seat is one of the cool accessories made to match the needs of parents who prioritize safety of their kids.


Car Seat Organizer

Car Seat Organizer

If you are a person that has gathered a lot of useful accessories, don’t you think it’s time to get a place to keep them? This car seat organizer is one of the essential accessories you ought to purchase. The primary function of the car seat organizer is that it serves as a dependable storage option for families and hoarders.

The device is designed with polyester, as well as a durable mesh with several elastic pockets. You can easily attach this gadget to any back seat, helping you to keep your things in order where you can reach them quickly.


Car Trunk Organizer

Car Trunk Organizer

If you the type that keeps a lot of stuff in the trunk, you will get to understand the scenario where things are not well arranged, and finding them anytime you need them becomes difficult. However, the aim of keeping those stuff in the trunk is to get them quickly anytime. Now this car trunk organizer helps you in maintaining stuffs in the trunk very organized and easy to locate.


Radar/Laser Detector

Laser Radar Detector

Another cool accessory you need for your Honda Clarity is a radar/laser detector. It is an electronic device that helps in detecting if law enforcement or police are monitoring the speed using a radar gun. As a driver, you can use it to minimize your speed before you are ticketed for speeding. If you are a driver who likes to speed, then a radar detector is necessary car accessory you should purchase to alert you if need be of any problem on the road.


Car Seatbelt Cutter and Window Glass Breaker

Seatbelt Cutter and Window Glass Breaker

Car Seatbelt Cutter and Window Glass Breaker is an accessory that is important for your Honda Clarity. It is a device that helps you escape from your vehicle in cases of emergency when the doors of the car are stuck.

Seatbelt cutter and window glass breaker is a device that will help you if you are engaged in a car accident, and you have to get away out of the vehicle. You can quickly and easily cut the seatbelt and break the window of the car to escape out of the vehicle.

Honda Clarity Hybrid Review

You shouldn’t be surprised that Honda designs and manufactures electric cars that get strong reviews. In the world today, Honda is considered one of the most trusted names in the automotive industry. Here, we will be looking at Honda clarity accessories and how you can maintain your Honda Clarity.

Honda has well-designed vehicles that last for years and take you from Point X to Point Y with less worry. The Honda Clarity is available in two varieties made to attract eco-conscious buyers. The Honda Clarity is an advanced fuel vehicle with lots of exciting features.

If you are in search of a car to help you minimize gasoline consumption, then this Clarity is worthy of a check. The plug-in-hybrid provides you with an all-electric range compared to some competitive vehicles. This makes it more comfortable to drive for days or weeks without worries of making use of the gas engine. The hydrogen model is more challenging to sell, looking at the status of its niche.

With Honda Clarity, there a few buying options. It is pertinent for potential buyers to know what they will get from this car. The base model of Clarity is not a full hybrid car but a plug-in-gas-electric hybrid. The company offers a fully electric option to the Clarity Electric and offers a hydrogen-powered option to the Clarity Fuel Cell.

Thus, it worthy to say that you get to select the model of Clarity that suits you best. Although the plug-in hybrid option is the right car, in this article, we are only covering full-electric vehicles. Thus, we will only major on the Clarity Electric and Clarity Fuel Cell.

Potential owners have limited options to choose from despite the three available models. The Clarity Electric is available exclusively in Oregon and California and the Clarity Fuel Cell only in California.

Honda Clarity Maintenance Guide

For now, there are no many things to know about the Honda Clarity Electric and Clarity Fuel Cell maintenance. The version of the more popular Clarity is the plug-in-hybrid version, and thus most of the maintenance of Honda is majored or based on that version.

However, we know that the needs for maintenance are small and focused almost entirely on the battery. Aside from the necessary maintenance, you know, like brake work and wheel rotations, the Clarity Electric and Clarity Fuel Cell only need you to simply inspect the battery as well as the battery coolant replacement (this doesn’t need to be done often).

The Clarity Electric can be fully charged with a 240V outlet in just 3 hours. Thus when you are using a DC Fast Charging system, that car will only require 30 minutes to approach a total charge. Ensure that all parts of the vehicle are cared for and maintained one after another; that way, you will enjoy your car.

Honda Clarity FAQ’s

How does the Honda Clarity work?

A fuel stack is used to power the Honda Clarity. It combines on-board compressed hydrogen alongside oxygen to generate electricity, which in turn drives an electric car motor that pushes the car, allowing the water vapor to go out from the tailpipe.

What is Honda Clarity?

The Honda Clarity is popularly known as a nameplate Honda use on alternative fuel cars. It was used before only on hydrogen fuel-cell electric cars like that of the 2008 Honda FCX Clarity.

How much does it cost to charge a Honda Clarity?

So far, on charge point, the average charging session for Honda Clarity Electric drivers is only $0.88, and it is said that about more than 80% of these sessions have been free. The cost of charging may vary significantly between several EV charging stations and networks.

How many kWh to charge Honda Clarity?

According to Honda, it takes about 12.5 hours for a Clarity to be charged using the supplied Level 1 cable. When using the level 1cable, it would suggest that the Clarity charges at the rate of 1.36kW/hour. If the Clarity is charging actively for 8 hours, it will receive electricity of about 10.9kW.

How many hp in Honda Clarity?

161-hp power the Honda Clarity.


The Honda Clarity is one of the best lines of the car. The models include the Clarity Electric, Clarity Fuel Cell, and the plug-in hybrid. Having seen the importance of these accessories and how they can fit into your Honda Clarity perfectly well, it is imperative to purchase one. We recommend you get these accessories from a genuine provider or store.

Kindly leave a comment if you want us to include any accessories or if you have any questions about Best Honda Clarity Accessories, we will love to hear from you soon!

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